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Marie Nieves
Oct 23

Best Surfing Beaches in Australia for World-Class Waves




People travel for various reasons. Some like sightseeing, others prefer experiencing local cuisines or nightlife and some like hiking or doing sports. When it comes to many categories, Australia is a great place to visit. Urban jungles, natural resorts, exotic animals, good food and the sea; all of these are guaranteed amazing experiences in the Land Down Under. However, even when it comes to water sports, people are rushing to this magical land, especially when it’s about surfing. Some parts of the country look as if they were made for surfing. This land offers a great variety of amazing places for surfing and spending time in wonderful nature. With respect to that, we’re here to offer an insight into choosing some of the best places in Australia if you’re looking for a surfing holiday.


Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

Sydney is generally a city you must see when visiting Australia, regardless of the occasion or your focus. Aside from the amazing sights and culture, Sydney also offers some of the best surfing beaches in Australia. One of them is just a ferry ride away from Sydney and it’s called Manly. The stretch of coastline that is about 20 kilometres long, starting from Manly to Palm Beach is just perfect for any tourist surfer that visits. This part also has historical significance as Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian surf icon first introduced surfing to Australians just there in 1915. It’s also convenient that some parts are great for beginners, such as Manly, where there are several surf schools. On the other hand, North Narrabeen has amazing waves only pros dare to try and tame.




Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

If you’re familiar with the surfing scene from the 60s, you’ll know about this place from before. Being a hippie hangout of its era, many famous surfing icons used to come here and do their magic with the amazing waves. The best season for surfing in this area is from February to July, where March and April are the absolute optimal surfing months. The minimum skill level, however, is intermediate. So, if you’re a beginner, it’s best if you started in some calmer waters. Nevertheless, it’s still a great place to see an amazing community and, since this used to be quite the “it” place, it still gathers awesome surfers and the atmosphere is great. So, if you’re looking to come here, you should equip yourself with a cool new board from Lost Surfboards in order to fit into this amazing place.


Bells Beach, Torquay, Victoria

This place is the most famous for its direct exposure to the might of the Southern Ocean. The great thing about this beach is the fact that it has waves regardless of the tide and wind direction and it is in the close vicinity of Torquay. It’s a great safe option as it guarantees success and has a convenient location. However, it can be very crowded for this reason, so one needs to be patient and respectful, especially to the locals. Another important fact is that the water temperature is quite chilly, ranging from 13 to 20 degrees. This means that wearing a wetsuit is an absolute must, so make sure to come prepared.




Main Break, Margaret River, Western Australia

Western Australia is famous for its beauty, wines and whales. However, the surfing scene is strongly developed here, too. Being generally a big wave territory, Western Australia boasts some world-class waves that are meant for skilled surfers. Beginners are welcome in certain areas, but it’s best if you postpone visiting this location until you improve your skills first. Main Break has this amazing reef that offers an absolutely crazy surfing experience. You need to have skill, focus and good equipment in order to master this part. It can be quite dangerous, so if you’re confident and adventurous, it’s the right place for you.


Australia offers a huge variety of surfing havens. There is something for everyone’s taste. From beginners to passionate surfing pros, one can easily find their cup of tea. However, exploring is always fun and you need to try many different options until you discover what suits you best. So, go ahead and start the adventure – there’s a lot to be seen and experienced.

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  • Marie Nieves
    14 hours ago

    Going on a road trip is a fun adventure and, if travelling in a group, definitely the most cost-effective means of travel. The best thing about it, however, lies in the fact that it gives you so much time and opportunity to hang out as a group and bond on a deep and personal level like never before. When it comes down to it, there’s no place that’s as road-trip friendly as the Australian outback. Beautiful landscapes, open road and plenty of opportunities for camping and sightseeing. Nonetheless, heading out with the girls into the unknown carries its own set of dangers, as well. What if something unexpected was to happen? Would you be able to respond accordingly and in a timely manner? It all depends on your overall preparedness and here are five tips to help you get going. Map out your itinerary and stay on the grid The first thing you need to do is plan the itinerary of your journey. Sure, you don’t know everything that lies ahead but with a simple consultation of apps like Google Maps, you should be able to figure out the very basics of the route that you’re about to take. Make sure that a person of confidence knows what this route is. Also, make sure to notify them along the road (via an IM service like Viber, Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger). This way, if anything goes wrong and the rescue party is needed, they’ll know where to look. The supplies One of the most reckless patterns of behaviour that you can engage in on one such a journey is the idea that you’ll be able to restock your supplies anywhere you go. This is especially true on your voyage through some parts of Australia ( like the outback ) that are sparsely inhabited. You can drive for hours and hours without encountering a gas stop or a store. This is why you need to have enough supplies (water and snacks) on you to be safe. Check the car Another thing you need to make sure of is that your car is in a proper working condition. Everything about it needs to be absolutely flawless. So, take it to a mechanic and have them perform all the necessary tests. Ideally, before a long-distance voyage, you would check your fluids, replace your wipers (a simple DIY task that virtually anyone can do) and replace your tyres. Sure, your tyres may still be in a decent condition but sometimes decent is simply not reliable enough. Instead, you should look for retailers of new tyres in Sydney and set yourself up for longevity. Be extra careful When it comes to on-road safety, you need to understand that it mostly depends on your patterns of behaviour. So, adjust your driving speed to road conditions, don’t take hitchhikers and have some kind of protection (a pepper spray or a stun gun) on you. Other than this, avoid driving at night and try to trust your intuition as much as you can. In the outback, it’s particularly dangerous to drive at night, especially in locations where there’s a danger of kangaroo and emu crossing . Keep valuables in a safe place On your trip, you won’t always be able to rely on your pin-based credit cards, which means that your wallet might contain more cash than you are comfortable with. Second, some girls plan a wild night out somewhere along the road, which involves make-up and (yes) even jewellery. Nonetheless, it’s quite important to point out that you won’t have many opportunities for crazy nightlife in the outback, until you reach your final destination or return back home. Not to mention the fact that you’ll also carry papers, documents and all sorts of things. Keeping these items safe is a top priority and keeping them all together in one place is usually not a smart move. Conclusion One of the worst things about reading this list and following these instructions lies in the fact that it often feels as if you’re expecting the worst to happen. Outback can seem like a vast and intimidating place. Keep in mind, that being aware of the fact that things might go wrong and taking pre-emptive steps against it isn’t being pessimistic – it’s just a matter of having common sense. Sure, the majority of the above-described hazards aren’t likely to happen but why not be prepared for them, just in case?
  • Marie Nieves
    2 days ago

    Many people like to say that travelling to New Zealand feels like going to the end of the world because it is even farther away than Australia. However, despite the fact that it’s so far away and that it will take you 27 hours to get there if you’re travelling from Paris, for example, New Zealand is still worth visiting. If you’ve never been to New Zealand before, you’ll need a little bit of help to create a good travel itinerary and make sure you cover all the bases without missing out on anything worth visiting. Browse through online accommodation options First, you’ll want to look for accommodation options and see which one is best for you. Luckily, New Zealand has an array of available accommodation options. First, if you like to stay outdoors, camping is a great option. There are various camping sites in which you can pitch a tent or stay in your motorhome. You will have clean toilets, often hot showers too, and some of the sites even offer a kitchen. The prices are very affordable and go from $4 for children and up to $10 for adults per night. Make sure you book your campsite in advance. Hostels, hotels, apartments, and Couchsurfing are all also available, so browse through the Internet well before you opt for your accommodation. Check transportation deals New Zealand is composed of two islands – North Island and South Island, so if you want to visit both islands, you’ll need to switch between transportations. Starting from day one, if you chose to fly to Christchurch, a good idea would be to get a car rental from the Christchurch airport to your accommodation and continue touring the island by car. This is especially convenient if you're travelling as a couple or with a few friends. A car gives you plenty of flexibility and freedom to go where and whenever you want, without having to depend on a certain departure schedule. Internal flights are quite inexpensive, so you are free to check those out and do the New Zealand tour more quickly. To go from one island to another, you can also use a ferry instead of a plane. Where to go in New Zealand The highlights of the North Island are definitely the Bay of Islands for starters, where you can enjoy mesmerizing beaches and islands. Auckland is home to numerous volcanoes and real urban city life and it will certainly enchant you. If you want to learn more about the Maori culture, be sure to visit Rotorua. When you cross to the South Island, don't miss a chance to visit Abel Tasman National park and enjoy the lavishness of forests. The lovers of marine life will find Kaikoura fascinating, and if you've never seen a glacier in person, head to Franz Joseph and Fox Glacier. Queenstown will be a true delight for all adrenaline junkies, and if you’re craving water activities, be sure to pay a visit to Picton. Best time to visit New Zealand When you start planning your New Zealand trip, you should know what the best times to visit are. Being situated in the southern hemisphere, New Zealand’s spring is from September to November, summer is from December to February, autumn is from March to May, and winter from June and August. However, winter isn’t too cold and summer doesn’t get too warm, with temperatures ranging between 12 to 16°C in the winter and 20 to 25°C in the summer. Nevertheless, if you travel during winter, you should expect mountains on the South Island to be covered in snow. When it comes to rainfall, the north of the North Island gets more rain during the year, while on the South Island, rainfall is evenly spread throughout the year. During the summer months, prices will be much higher in New Zealand, because of the demand. If you plan to visit Queenstown, make sure you book early because it fills up. Final thoughts If you're planning to visit New Zealand for the first time, the tips we've just mentioned will be of great help. However, you should also do a bit more research on your own, and don't forget to check the reviews online and know for sure if you're picking the right accommodation or the restaurant. Budget carefully, and if you want to save some money, avoid peak seasons when prices go up everywhere.
  • faith.mcgregor85
    Nov 5

    When people say Australia, the first city that comes to mind is always Sydney, then maybe Melbourne and Brisbane. However, Perth is another Australian metropolis worth visiting. For its vibrant population and friendly environment, Perth welcomes all tourists with open arms and it will offer you the best travelling experience. From parks and botanical gardens to beaches and an array of fabulous activities, your first time in Perth will be memorable without a doubt. If you need more info about what to see and where to stay on your first time in Perth, keep reading. Must-see locations Kings Park and Botanic Garden are the number one must-see locations in Perth. You'll probably want to capture a few lovely photos of the city and river, so head out to Kings Park to experience 990 acres of landscaped gardens in their prime glory. From rich birdlife to native habitats and eucalyptus tree canopies, you'll get a glimpse of fabulous flora. Cottesloe Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Perth alongside Swanbourne Beach which welcomes nudists from all over the world. If you’d like to ride the waves, hit the Scarborough or the Trigg Beach. Exciting activities From biking to snorkelling, surfing, camping and an array of other family activities, Perth boasts some serious thrill-seeking fun for everyone . Rottnest Island is one of the best places to experience Perth in its prime glory. However, if you’d like to stay away from teens and their drunk schoolies trips, avoid Rottnest Island in late November and early December. In Perth, you can also go dolphin watching, fishing, crabbing, and boating if you decide to visit Mandurah. If you plan to visit Perth in March, don't miss out on Mandurah Crab Festival. Getting around Perth Public transport is one of the cheapest ways to get around Perth. In order to use the bus, you’ll need a Smartrider card that you can load up every time you use all the money for the rides. You can find it at convenience stores, newsagents and some bus stations. If you plan to go to the suburbs, the train will be a great option because Perth's train system is wonderful. When you're ready to set off home, make sure you arrange car hire to the Perth airport and arrive on time and safely to the terminal without a hassle. Public transport can be inconvenient, unlike the option of having a vehicle available to you, to go exactly when you need to without having to wait for a bus or a taxi. Accommodation options Accommodation in Australia can be quite expensive. That’s why you should avoid hotels and go for backpackers or youth hostels instead. Couchsurfing is another great budget-friendly option that allows you to sleep on someone’s couch and have a local host that can tell you the best places to go and things to see. A share house is great for multiple travellers, allowing you to have your own room and plenty of lounge space for everyone to hang out at a very low price. Since the price of the house will be divided by the number of people staying, it can be one of the lowest travel costs. The best time to visit If you like to travel in winter and welcome spring in the new city, then travelling to Perth will be amazing from September to November. Temperatures go between 11 and 23°C with very little rainfall and plenty of clear sunny days. For summer lovers, choose December to February when you can enjoy sunbathing and surfing at 38°C. However, if you’re looking for the most affordable season, it’s certainly during winter, i.e. June through August. Final thoughts Perth is one of Australia's most charming cities and more than worth visiting. If you're a first-time traveller, be sure to have the aforementioned tips in mind and have a great time without breaking the bank.