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Day Trip Prices

Pick up from




Khao Lak

3,900 Baht

2,600 Baht

3,700 Baht

2,400 Baht

*Persons with pregnancy and children aged less        than 1 year


should not be  allowed to join the trip for safety reasons. Young children should be under  close parental supervision, since our caring staffs might not be able to take  care of every kid thoroughly.


If You Love to Dive

You love diving? We know just the perfect place!

Similan is recently ranked as one of the world’s top ten diving destinations by National Geographic Society.


With crystal clear water and spectacular coral reefs providing an excellent setting for snorkeling, we could not help but to fall in love with Similan.


The Similan Islands are also known for their idyllic powdery white beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Sail Rock, perched high above the island is offering a stunning view of its surroundings. 

Highlights you will love : 

Sail Rock : A memorable experience is hiking up to the famous landmark of The Similan

Islands “Sail Rock” Underwater World :  Playful sea turtles and clown fish are often sighted along the reef. Powdery white sand : What’s not to love about that?

Similan Islands

Daytrip Itinerary


Get ready - Check in at Love Andaman private pier (Tablamu) . Enjoy warm bread, tea and coffee as you receive a briefing from our beloved eco-alert tour guide.



Let’s start!  - Hop on our first-class speedboat and heading for Similan Islands. 


Donald Duck Bay Similan Island (Island No.8)  - Let’s do some hiking to the famous symbolic Sail-Rock for some amazing scenery and worth a 100+ likes Instagram shot. After the hike, white sandy beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing for beautiful sun-kissed skin.


1st  snorkeling spot at Ba Ngu Island (Island number 9)  - It’s snorkeling time! Let’s explore the breathtaking Coral Bay, the best place to see all different kinds of fish in colorful sightseeing underwater world. 


Lunch time  - Enjoy a home cooked delicious Thai lunch buffet with chicken and fresh fruits on Thailand’s most beautiful white sandy beach.


2nd snorkeling sport  - Next station, Finding Nemo! Depart for the 2nd snorkeling point at Payu Island (Island No.7) where sea turtles and clown fish (Nemo) are often sighted. 


Take a rest at Mieng Island (Island No.4)  - Head to the gorgeous beach of the Honeymoon Bay & Princess Bay for more scenic photos and relaxing time.


Time to say goodbye.  - Heading back from Similan Island to our private pier. 


Back to the hotel - Arrive safely at the pier and get on a transfer back to the hotel with a backpack full of wonderful memory, salty hair and new tan skin!

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